September 26, 2022

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Album Overview: ‘Certified Lover Boy’ is agony and satisfaction

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After months of silence and anticipation, Drake’s sixth studio album Accredited Lover Boy is ultimately in this article. 

The primary launch day was delayed after the Toronto rapper underwent surgical treatment on his knee. Since then, he has reignited earlier beef with rapper Kanye West and teased his album with a cryptic ESPN advertising video clip. Drake also exposed the album’s attributes by means of billboards in just about every artist’s hometown, only introducing onto the mysteriousness of its release. 

In addition to the brief advertising online video, Drake only spoke on the album on an Instagram tale,  describing it as “a combination of harmful masculinity and acceptance of fact which is inevitably heartbreaking.”

Even ahead of its release, Drake predicted that the album would get despise from critics like some of his past works. “They hated on Views just like they will CLB (‘Certified Lover Boy’) but it’s new music to evolve to,” he wrote in an Instagram remark. 

Out of 21 tracks on the album, listed here are the five most noteworthy tracks that really display the maturity (or occasionally deficiency) that the rapper demonstrates:

5. “Champagne Poetry”

Standout lyrics: “Career is likely fantastic, but now the relaxation of me is fading gradually / My soulmate is somewhere out in the globe just waiting on me.”

This lo-fi-like intro touches briefly on large issues like police brutality and Black Life Subject protests but primarily discusses how his previous has affected his outlook on relationships now. 

Up until and even following the beginning of his son, Drake has sung about the women he has relationships with and the events he goes to. These lyrics may possibly be describing how his values have improved, and how that lifestyle may possibly not be for him any more. This track is his way of telling us that he would like much more in everyday living than random girls and events. 

4. “Way 2 Sexy (with Long run and Young Thug)”

Standout lyrics: “I’m emotion as well pretty to acknowledge requests / And I’m way too alluring to go unprotected.”

In distinction to the album’s intro, the upbeat anthem transitions from the seriousness of Drake and exhibits the participant persona of Drizzy. The music samples Proper Claimed Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” as Drake, Long run and Young Thug group up to show they’re just “too sexy” for everyone all-around them. 

Irrespective of rather portraying the prior outlined “toxic masculinity,” this banger was a substantially wanted split from the relaxation of the heartbroken and self-realization Drake provides on the rest of the album. It demonstrates that Drake could not be so worried to crack a coronary heart or two. 

3. “Girls Want Girls (with Lil Little one)”

Standout lyrics: “Staring at your dress cause it is see-through// Yeah, conversing all the sh*t that you completed been through// Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too”

Continuing ahead with toxicity, this song’s title immediately describes what it is about: the sexualization of lesbians. The rapper and Lil Infant group up to assess on their own to lesbians because they like women also. The tune is catchy, really don’t get me incorrect, but it definitely exhibits a bizarre absence of maturity that Drake attempts so tricky to portray. 

2. “Fair Trade (with Travis Scott)”

Standout lyrics: “I’ve been losing close friends and discovering peace / But truthfully that sounds like a honest trade to me.” 

Heading along with the concept of realization and maturity, the rapper makes use of “Fair Trade” to mirror on getting rid of toxic people around him, however is grateful for the lifetime he has. In true Drake vogue, he conveys the gratefulness that he has for fame and fortune while still denouncing the people in his existence who have made use of him.  

It is an effortless listen, especially for strong Drake followers who may have to have to do a small reflecting by themselves. 

1. “IMY2 (with Child Cudi)”

Standout lyrics: “Finding myself as the days / Fly by like us on the shift / You instructed me I was a period / Alright, wonderful, I miss you too”

This following collaboration could be a small underrated on the charts, but it is undoubtedly a preferred off of the album. At the time yet again, Drake makes use of Kid Cudi to confess their emphasis on their careers and particular lives. 

Opening the track is an excerpt from a Juice WRLD interview, reflecting on how the accurate meaning of daily life is “truly getting yourself, and then closing your eyes and dying in your slumber.” Like many songs off of the album, Drake demonstrates what he’s discovered above his past experiences and attempts to do far better than just before. Even though I appreciate this artist pairing, the message stays consistent and repetitive. 

There are certainly some standout tunes on this album. Nevertheless the continuous reflection motto demonstrates maturity however turns into repetitive and indifferent to previous albums. 

Some people might explain Drake’s information on this album as not distinct perhaps Drake doesn’t know what he desires to do with lifestyle still. On the other hand, this is a thing that everybody can relate to. 

We all sense like the grass is greener on the other side: if we’re in a partnership, we want to be one and have the flexibility to go out with other folks. If we’re one, we get lonely and would like we had someone to go home to. Just like from time to time in higher education, Drake has the celebration life-style in which he can go out and get any girl. Even even though he enjoys it, he may be hopeful that romance is close to the corner. We can only hope he will take all of this reflection and places it towards superior use. 

Score: 3.5/5


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