September 20, 2021

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Foodman: Yasuragi Land Album Evaluate

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Foodman’s tunes assembles little sounds into intricate grooves. Limited clicks and pops, clipped gurgles and swishes, and miniscule snippets of synth organize them selves into tangled rhythms that reference diverse styles of electronic music, from house and footwork to common video clip-match soundtracks, but normally feel skewed and toylike. Normally it seems like a miniature approximation of dance music, as if he’s crafted a club out of a vibrant assortment of Legos, just ready for the very small collectible figurines to arrive alive and find their groove. It is a swirl of joy and resourceful electricity, leaving an unmistakable effect of the Japanese producer’s marvel as he discovers the remedy to the query “What happens if I do this?” in excess of and in excess of once again. No matter how tough or obtuse the beats come to be, a feeling of gleeful exploration is self-evident.

The Lilliputian scale of the tunes highlights its warm playfulness. “I want to make audio out of these fun tiny moments in our daily life,” Foodman, aka Takahide Higuchi, stated many a long time back. “I seriously price individuals psychedelic thoughts that you can at times get from compact issues, like thoroughly forgetting you though having a tub for the reason that it feels so very good, or although you are feeding on curry at property….I want to transpose what I experience at those times into tunes.” On Yasuragi Land, Foodman’s initially good comprehensive-length in 3 several years, he digs further into this side of his audio, leaning into the personal familiarity of the acoustic guitar and scooping out any stray remnants of reduced-finish from the mix. Yasuragi interprets to “peace of mind” or “serenity” it’s also the title of a Japanese bathhouse in Sweden, which may not be coincidental, specified Higuchi’s documented affinity for saunas and spas. Although the new music on Yasuragi Land isn’t new age by any extend of the imagination, it reveals a quiet and concentrated mind nimbly assembling hundreds of different seems and textures just so.

Yasuragi Land has a lot more in widespread with the whimsical cut-and-paste model Foodman perfected on 2018’s Aru Otoko No Densetsu than with the a lot more straight-in advance, just about club-prepared EPs he’s introduced for Mad Good and Highball in the previous two several years. It tends towards an omnivorous, throw-anything-at-the-wall approach, and although nearly each individual monitor has a unfastened groove tethering it to terra firma, syncopated hits and stray included beats can make it experience immeasurably complicated. 1 of the album’s defining attributes is its extremely sparse use of bass, a system that boosts the crispness of the audio. Countless kicks and large minimal-stop throb can be exhilarating but also exhausting at the close of every hear by Yasuragi Land I’ve felt rejuvenated and light-weight, having seasoned the music’s unencumbered energy and movement as a purely uplifting force.

The muted twang of digitally rendered acoustic guitar is a pervasive, but refined, presence during. It often emerges as a counterpoint to the synth blips and intricate percussive faucets, both wildly strummed, as on “Shiboritate,” or existing on the fringes, buried among the sampled flutes, squeaks, and knocking claves, like on “Food Court docket.” Numerous yrs back Higuchi relocated back to his hometown of Nagoya, and has spoken about the rush of nostalgia that arrived in the wake of his return, such as reminiscences of playing guitar and busking outside of teach stations. His tunes has often existed just outside of the grid, but the guitar’s unfastened, untamed character tends to make the album truly feel like the haphazard effervescence of the true earth is worming its way into the vivid nevertheless requested digital setting. These satisfied memories of 1st actively playing new music for other individuals seem to be a strong source of inspiration, adding to the album’s effect of gentle euphoria.

No matter if it is dropping you in the gooey umami of a shoyu tamago—as the title Foodman implies, eating has been a main influence on Higuchi—or sensation your entire body bit by bit getting enveloped by steam, the encounters he draws on for inspiration are times when the self dissolves into pure sensory working experience. Yasuragi Land, with all its bizarre nooks and foolish tangents, doesn’t attempt to replicate the stillness of those people times, but as a substitute serves as a reminder of the spirit of curiosity that makes them attainable. The album’s intricacy is an invitation to hear nearer and decipher all his tiny sleight-of-hand aspects, allowing the music’s easy joy excite its very own modest second of every day bliss.

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